Commemorative plaque on Tram Road near Swannanoa

Commemorative plaque on Tram Road near Swannanoa 29 March 1975 A plaque commemorating two motor cycle world records on the Tram Road near Swannanoa. The Vincent Owners Club financed the plaque to commemorate the records set on July 2, 1955, by Russell Wright (left) and Bob Burns. Burns set a world sidecar record of 162mph on the Tram Road with a Vincent Rapide. Wright raised the world solo record to

The Clarence – People and Places of Waiau Toa

The Clarence People and Places of Waiau Toa                         Tim Fulton                             RRP: $79.99    ISBN: 978-1-98-853889-1 Publishing date: October 2022 Format: 245 x 300mm, Landscape Surrounded by untouched coastline, the Clarence is recognised as one of New Zealand’s iconic wilderness rivers.   The Clarence River flows for more than 200km from Lake Tennyson past the St James range, through

A candidate profile

  A candidate profile with – for Waimakariri district council and Oxford/Ohoka community board Go to Fulton for Council on Facebook for this and other campaign information.

Proposed Variation to Housing Intensification – Waimakariri District

The government says you need to provide more intensive urban development. This is the council’s response. What do you think? [The copy of the email used below is used with permission. It was sent on Friday August 12th to a resource planning professional who had earlier submitted on the plan.] From: Waimakariri District Council District Plan <> Subject: Notice of Variation 1: Housing Intensification to the Proposed Waimakariri District Dear Sir/Madam

Approaches to News Journalism

Covid reporting has me thinking of approaches to news journalism and interaction with media organisations. My training and early experience as a journalist starting out in early 2000 led me to believe that news is a kind of collision of people, ideas and events: the premise being that there must be conflict for there to be news. Over time I have found that, in fact, conflict of the ‘dog bites

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