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  1. Making It Hum

    “More than 20 years in the media has taught me it’s only through deliberate, crafted story-telling that you’ll make your business proposition more credible and compelling”


Tim is all about finding the right words to express what you have to say – and delivering them to the best audience.

“Individuals and businesses who provide a clear, consistent and compelling story across all facets of their communications, build a faster rapport with their potential customers, their clients and their staff alike”.

“This, in turn, expands their support base, they gain more business as a result, and leads to a greater profitability, whether in goodwill or dollar value”.





Communication and Media Crafted Strategies

To Tim, there’s no such thing as ‘putting a few words together’: every communication needs a purpose. Tim has a unique ability to listen, craft compelling stories and deliver them to the right audience to pull off your plan. He now offers clients the benefit of that experience, ensuring that your communications are clear, lively and delivered with integrity. With 20 years experience in vastly differing fields he has mastered the art of listening, providing a strategy and producing the communications and stories required. Whatever the issue, he’ll tackle your communication chestnut and find a solution for you

The Communication Chestnut Solution

Everyone has an idea, a problem or a project that they just can’t quite communicate, whether it’s within their own business or getting the story to the rest of the world. Sometimes the problem is finding the right words; at other times it’s uncertain strategy. Tim’s speciality is clear, concise and compelling communication. Once you have the strategy in place, Tim will provide you with a clear, compelling story that can be delivered to the to build integrity based relationships and rapport to build goodwill and grow the profitability of your business

Journalism and Media Communications

Tim has 20 years of experience in national and regional media and has developed lasting, trusted relationships in diverse fields such as business, farming, government , sport and other community groups. With his strong understanding of agribusiness, food science, environmental and rural community issues, he adds this experience to solutions for a range of communication and media issues. He will add this insight to your business strategies