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Comment is increasingly driving our news, rather than the older formula of news driving comment. Stuff, to name one offender, is doing good things with its print features – particularly special investigations – but bombards us with comment, little of which is valuable more than 24 hours later in the news cycle. It’s all apparently in the name of digging deeper, keeping you up to speed. Most of it is

Case IH supports tractor training initiative in post-Covid world

Case IH, with whom I work, has supplied tractors to a Telford-based driver training programme. The machines appear incidentally in this story but I’m happy to share the profile. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/new-recruits-learn-drive-tractors-after-losing-jobs-in-pandemic?fbclid=IwAR054OroytrixtOiksjxO5C-mAmngoCMcDEo75u4vZs3N-gXwVZtJB6hXYA

The bus that hit Judith Collins – Oravida insight

Senior National MP Judith Collins claims in her memoir to have been ‘thrown under a bus’ by former Prime Minister, John Key, over the Oravida influence allegations that prompted the PM to stand her down from Cabinet in the previous government. I can shed light on parts of the Oravida story, going right back to New Zealand media reports of the company activities in April 2013 – months before a

History, not so black and white

In relation to a Stuff story describing a Colonial New Zealand governor, Edward John Eyre, his history is more nuanced than the reference to his brutal suppression of a slave uprising later in his career. His story would have been so much more intriguing if his activity in NZ had been included. An official history says Edward John Eyre, while in New Zealand, took a keen interest in Maori affairs

The Sickness in Our Food Supply, by Michael Pollan

The Sickness in Our Food Supply By Michael Pollan The Sickness in Our Food Supply “Only when the tide goes out,” Warren Buffett observed, “do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” For our society, the Covid-19 pandemic represents an ebb tide of historic proportions, one that is laying bare vulnerabilities and inequities that in normal times have gone undiscovered. Nowhere is this more evident than in the American food system. A

Ohoka Rugby Job Finder

It’s getting to a stage where many of us know of people – or are personally – looking for work. If you can help, we’d love you to like the dedicated page Ohoka Rugby Job Finder and use it as a forum to help create leads. Use private PMs or similar to follow up chat. Good luck https://www.facebook.com/OhokaJobs/

Give me Shelter – Raising a Roof for a Fiji school

  In November 2019 I spent a week in Fiji for a social rugby tournament, where a group of us were lucky enough to visit Nadi School. This is an account of that visit.   In 2012 Nadi District School was hit by flooding and in 2016 it was walloped by a cyclone. The state school is one of Fiji’s oldest, going back to the early 1900s. But it’s far