Man on a bus – A Chance Encounter

A chance encounter on August 31st, 2020: Today on a bus from central Palmerston North to PN airport – fare $1.50 – I met the only other traveller that trip, an 80-year-old also wearing a mask, who gave me a snippet of his life thus far. Grew up Lower Hutt, more recently lived Feilding and took a Gold Card bus fare to Palmy every day; flown once in his life,


The Bindra story – a favourite in Kiwi Farmers Guide to Life

Life at Swannanoa

‘LARUNDEL’ The man who gave Swannanoa its distinctive name was John Evans ‘Yankee’ Brown, who was on the Canterbury Provincial Council, the Hospital and Charitable Aid Board and was a founder of the Canterbury Tramway Company. Brown was from Pennsylvania and owned a large tract of land between between  Springbank and Eyrewell. Perhaps feeling a twinge of homesickness, he gave the broad plains country the Cherokee Indian name, ‘Swannanoa’, a

Straight off the Tussock – a reader’s experience

DearTim, I wanted to share with you a story about your book, Straight Off The Tussock. [Fraser Books, 2005] I thought you might like to know that, over the last few weeks, this book has had an extraordinary impact on an elderly man and his wife in the last stages of their lives.   An elderly man that I knew, Mr L, had been a member of the crew of

Kiwi Farmers Guide to Life

  Take the road less travelled, they say. Kiwi Farmers Guide to Life does just that, telling stories of New Zealand farmers, agribusiness entrepreneurs and even a couple of scientists. Each one knows about sweat, quick-thinking and the importance of a sense of humour in battling agricultural elements.From a dive into farming history to a probe of modern agri issues, Kiwi Farmers Guide to Life shows farmers at their finest

West Eyreton School 150 Years Celebration

    I am looking forward to writing an updated West Eyreton school and social history coinciding with the school’s 150th celebrations in 2022. With this, I would love to look at existing family memoirs, notes and pictures showing ties to the school (longstanding or otherwise) It’s going to be a busy exercise so the more information I can gather over these next 3-6/months, the better the read will be.

Canterbury water Q&A

Freshwater management policies rolled out by central and local government may be critical to your livelihood. Here’s a Q&A from Environment Canterbury on Canterbury policy.