My Story





I’m a longtime agricultural journalist and author of Kiwi Farmers Guide to Life and The Clarence: People and Places of Waiau Toa, to be released in October 2022.

Working from home in West Eyreton, just down the road from where I grew up on a Swannanoa sheep farm, I provide writing and media relations advice for agribusiness, in particular.

Tim Fulton

I was editor of New Zealand Farmers Weekly for eight years from 2004-2012 and covered the 2014 General Election for Fairfax Media as a senior politics writer, supplying news, features and commentary to The Press, Stuff and other print publications. I then covered local and national business news before joining a Christchurch communications agency in 2016.

In 2017 I established a writing and communications business, contributing general news and features for a variety of publishers including Deer Industry New Zealand (Deer Industry News), NZ Farmlife Media (Countrywide, Dairy Exporter) and Global HQ (The New Zealand Farmers Weekly).

As a media consultant I create stories, copyrighting and media for an array of people and businesses, helping you tell a riveting story that is consistent with your aims and ideals.

I’ve developed lasting contacts in the farming and broader business community, in politics and among community groups. I would also venture I’m an original thinker with an ability to build rapport and find solutions for a range of media issues.