Long Term Plan (process underway Jan- June 2024)

What is a Long Term Plan?

The Long Term Plan sets our direction as a council and establishes the work we will deliver to the community over the next 10 years, as well as setting out how that work will be funded, such as the setting of rates. It is reviewed every three years.

A Long Term Plan:

  • describes community outcomes for the district
  • describes the activities of the Council
  • sets out a long term focus for the decisions and activities of the Council
  • provides for integrated decision-making and coordination of Council resources
  • provides a basis for accountability to the community.

LTPs outline all things a council does and how they fit together. They show what will be done over the plan’s 10 year period, why the council is doing things and their costs.

How is This Different From an Annual Plan?

The Annual Plan  focuses on year-to-year budgets. Councils prepare an Annual Plan in each of the two years between LTP reviews, and set out in them what the council plans to do in the next 12 months to move towards achieving its goals

Current Long Term Plan

The Long Term Plan 2021-2031 was adopted by Council on Tuesday 22 June 2021. It is available in eBook or PDF format.  Printed copies are available at Council service centres and libraries.