Valley of Peace v Deans X1 – March 10, 2024

March 10 Match Report The Deans X1 has a tradition of about 80 years of play against Valley of Peace and this rich tie continued at our home ground on March 10th. Known officially as Homebush Cricket Club, the youngish Deans’ from Homebush and Malvern districts met a Valley team loaded with regular Senior players from Oxford county, just across the Waimakariri Gorge. In peerless sunshine, Valley won the toss

About the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board

ABOUT THE OXFORD-OHOKA COMMUNITY BOARD The Waimakariri district is divided into three wards with the Oxford-Ohoka Ward covering predominantly the southern to the south-western area of the Waimakariri district. Bordered by the Waimakariri River, the community areas include Mandeville, Ohoka, Eyreton, West Eyreton, Swannanoa, Oxford through to the northern foothills, Ashley Gorge, and across to Lees Valley. The community area of Oxford-Ohoka comprises a diverse mix of properties and people,

Commemorative plaque on Tram Road near Swannanoa

Commemorative plaque on Tram Road near Swannanoa 29 March 1975 A plaque commemorating two motor cycle world records on the Tram Road near Swannanoa. The Vincent Owners Club financed the plaque to commemorate the records set on July 2, 1955, by Russell Wright (left) and Bob Burns. Burns set a world sidecar record of 162mph on the Tram Road with a Vincent Rapide. Wright raised the world solo record to

Swannanoa School – A Few Memories

I was lucky enough recently to get the chance to tell a story or two at the Swannanoa School 150th reunion, as recounted below. Thirty six years ago, in 1987, Swannanoa School was tiny. School concerts and prizegivings were held in the old hall across Tram Rd. I remember that hall well; in my last year at Swannanoa I was the lead in the school play – possibly only because

PR in Public

An excellent RNZ investigation into the use of public funds to further questionable PR practices.

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Valley of Peace v Deans X1 Match Report George Fulton Sunday, March 19th, 2023 Prain for Better Fortunes The passing of time usually tempers the perspective of a victorious Valley captain, but not this time round. This match has a rich legacy, originating in 1934. This year the match carried a hint of trepidation, because only 12 months ago a Valley team styled as the Fulton X1 was given a

Rural Reporter – Origin Story, June 2000

Rural reporter, you must be joking. Twenty-four years of debilitating ignorance of farm life had prepared me for this moment when I would assume the mantle of agricultural journalist. After all these years surrounded by sheep and crops and I had learned nigh on nothing of my father’s craft, so what better way to put my credibility on the line than to join a dairy farming magazine, in central Auckland.

Thank You

Thank you very much for electing me to serve as a Waimakariri District Councillor, representing the Oxford Ohoka ward and wider region. I looking forward to doing my bit for the community and can be contacted at and 021 08716027 Sincerely, Tim

The Clarence – People and Places of Waiau Toa

The Clarence People and Places of Waiau Toa                         Tim Fulton                             RRP: $79.99    ISBN: 978-1-98-853889-1 Publishing date: October 2022 Format: 245 x 300mm, Landscape Surrounded by untouched coastline, the Clarence is recognised as one of New Zealand’s iconic wilderness rivers.   The Clarence River flows for more than 200km from Lake Tennyson past the St James range, through