Commemorative plaque on Tram Road near Swannanoa

Commemorative plaque on Tram Road near Swannanoa 29 March 1975 A plaque commemorating two motor cycle world records on the Tram Road near Swannanoa. The Vincent Owners Club financed the plaque to commemorate the records set on July 2, 1955, by Russell Wright (left) and Bob Burns. Burns set a world sidecar record of 162mph on the Tram Road with a Vincent Rapide. Wright raised the world solo record to

Straight off the Tussock – Racing

  Soon after stepping down as president of the North Canterbury Jockey Club in 1964, Jack became a steward for its big brother, the Canterbury Jockey Club. The stewards helped the CJC committee, but almost seemed to be on probation. The five stewards didn’t have official roles and didn’t attend committee meetings, but were there to work on race day and gradually get involved. If you were successful you were