Personal rights in the ‘time of Covid’

A Covid requirement for you to consider. What is the legality and purpose of a contractor at a public facility, Auckland airport here, asking for someone walking into the building to present both ticket (as proof of travel) and an identity card (to match the ticket). What bearing does either have on Covid prevention and tracing – and why, if it is applied this way in Auckland on Tuesday Sep

Opportunities for New Zealand Goat Milk Products: what are they and how can we win?

A report released recently by The Nutrition Bureau’s Jan Hales, who engaged me to help with the preparation of the material for the project team. We are pleased to advise that the report “Opportunities for New Zealand Goat Milk Products: what are they and how can we win?” is now available to New Zealand businesses through our website This report follows a 14-month Provincial Growth funded project that looked

Straight off the Tussock – Horse Play

In March 2003, Peter Fulton joined some select cricketing company when he scored 301 not out against for Canterbury against Auckland. He surpassed the previous highest maiden century in New Zealand cricket – and along the boundary ropes a proud grandfather was willing him on all the way. Jack was brought up on cricket, rugby and betting, so it’s not surprising his family have taken on all three with a

Straight off the Tussock – shearing and other stories

In the wet summer of 1946-47, Jack had to combine forces with three of his neighbours to get shearing finished before the end of the season. Once the four properties banded together, a rep from the shearers union came around to ensure the cluster of workers were members, or soon would be. After all, the farmers had about 20,000 sheep to shear, had started on Labour Weekend and didn’t eventually

DairyNZ economic survey

Economic Survey provides insight into dairy farm performance – DairyNZ DairyNZ’s latest Economic Survey 2018-19 shows dairy farmers had a reasonable year for operating profit and milk production, but farmers face a number of challenges – making cost control a key driver to help buffer dairy businesses against variable milk prices. The annual Economic Survey analyses a representative sample of owner-operator and herd-owning sharemilking farms (50:50 sharemilkers) across New Zealand.

Pulp News

Comment is increasingly driving our news, rather than the older formula of news driving comment. Stuff, to name one offender, is doing good things with its print features – particularly special investigations – but bombards us with comment, little of which is valuable more than 24 hours later in the news cycle. It’s all apparently in the name of digging deeper, keeping you up to speed. Most of it is

Case IH supports tractor training initiative in post-Covid world

Case IH, with whom I work, has supplied tractors to a Telford-based driver training programme. The machines appear incidentally in this story but I’m happy to share the profile.