Give me Shelter – Raising a Roof for a Fiji school

  In November 2019 I spent a week in Fiji for a social rugby tournament, where a group of us were lucky enough to visit Nadi School. This is an account of that visit.   In 2012 Nadi District School was hit by flooding and in 2016 it was walloped by a cyclone. The state school is one of Fiji’s oldest, going back to the early 1900s. But it’s far

Straight off the Tussock – Chapter 3

A continuation of a family story, as first told in 2005 – Straight off the Tussock James Fulton, Jack’s grandfather, was a teacher on the Isle of Bute, half an hour by ferry from Glasgow. The island is only about eight by four miles wide but when he was headmaster there at Rothesay in about 1845, the school had around 1000 children, stuck out in the Firth of Clyde.  

One Big Paddock

Canterbury – and NZ  too – ‘just one big paddock’ – Federated Farmers South Canterbury President Jason Grant. What great comment at NZ farming may come out of this trauma more appreciated than it was previously.

Harold Stone of Ohoka – a life of giving

  Memories of Ohoka Rugby Club life member, the late Harold Stone An interview in 2008 Harold Stone grew up in swamp country, on a farm near Ohoka that would normally flood every two or three years. Eighty acres was a big farm “and you survived on what you could do”. “We were on very heavy ground, swamp ground and there was still a lot of black pine stumps, driftwood

Pro sport blinkers coronavirus perception

It says something about media coverage of amateur sport that all we hear in the wake of coronavirus is talk of sport ‘shutting down’. We’re told it’s impending disaster for pro competitions, but what about the impact of those of us who play sport purely for love? This is sport in its oldest, arguably purest form, but appears more forgotten than ever. It may soon be a dark spell for

John (Jack) and his sister Kate

Straight off the Tussock Chapter 2

HARD LESSONS The Okuku Range is a cluster of hills 900m-1100m high, rising from the northern limit of  the Canterbury Plains and treading north-westwards to meet the foothills of the Puketekari Range. Jack grew up in the Okuku Pass which runs between it.    I used to walk down to the White Rock limeworks to talk to the people over there or the men on the station, but I suppose

Straight off the Tussock Chapter 1

  STRAIGHT OFF THE TUSSOCK A FAMILY MEMOIR WITH J.A.G (JACK) FULTON BY TIM FULTON Chapter 1  Broomfield in North Canterbury was a quiet pond, but Jack was the stone that skipped across it.    I was constantly in trouble. My father Gordon was away most of the time, always busy, so I rarely saw him. And my mother Winifred, well, she was 45 when I was born and totally

The Day the World Changed

An honest and heartfelt read from the Christchurch earthquake An account of the February 22, 2011 Christchurch earthquake by Ian Lowe BEING IN THE middle of the Christchurch earthquake was the most frightening experience of my life. It was a category 6.3 on the Richter scale. So I could hardly believe the intensity of the Japanese earthquake that triggered the catastrophic tsunami. It was a category 9. Since the scale

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