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Take the road less travelled, they say.

Kiwi Farmers Guide to Life does just that, telling stories of New Zealand farmers, agribusiness entrepreneurs and even a couple of scientists.
Each one knows about sweat, quick-thinking and the importance of a sense of humour in battling agricultural elements.
From a dive into farming history to a probe of modern agri issues, Kiwi Farmers Guide to Life shows farmers at their finest and – in some cases – at their most vulnerable.
At heart, explores why farmers do what they do, rather than how. So, put on your boots and let’s take that road less travelled.

About the author:

Tim Fulton grew up on a sheep and crop farm at West Eyreton in North Canterbury, starting out at a tiny country school called Swannanoa.

The principal was also the bus driver, who would detour by the verandah of Tim’s home to pick up him and his brothers whenever the sheep-yards along the drive were full of sheep.
Inspired by family farming stories, as a journalist he has written much about the transformation of farming since the early 2000s, when agriculture first started to emerge from the status of a so-called ‘sunset industry’.

Tim loves telling rural stories, helping readers to understand the joys and complexities of life on the land.

*Kiwi Farmers Guide to Life: Bateman Books, 2021

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