Harold Stone of Ohoka – a life of giving

  Memories of Ohoka Rugby Club life member, the late Harold Stone An interview in 2008 Harold Stone grew up in swamp country, on a farm near Ohoka that would normally flood every two or three years. Eighty acres was a big farm “and you survived on what you could do”. “We were on very heavy ground, swamp ground and there was still a lot of black pine stumps, driftwood

Pro sport blinkers coronavirus perception

It says something about media coverage of amateur sport that all we hear in the wake of coronavirus is talk of sport ‘shutting down’. We’re told it’s impending disaster for pro competitions, but what about the impact of those of us who play sport purely for love? This is sport in its oldest, arguably purest form, but appears more forgotten than ever. It may soon be a dark spell for

John (Jack) and his sister Kate

Straight off the Tussock Chapter 2

HARD LESSONS The Okuku Range is a cluster of hills 900m-1100m high, rising from the northern limit of  the Canterbury Plains and treading north-westwards to meet the foothills of the Puketekari Range. Jack grew up in the Okuku Pass which runs between it.    I used to walk down to the White Rock limeworks to talk to the people over there or the men on the station, but I suppose