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Media Support for Agribusiness

“My job is creating positive, profitable interaction between your business and others, through well-crafted communication.”

Everyone has an idea, a problem or a project that they just can’t quite communicate. Sometimes the problem is finding the right words; at other times it’s a lack of clear strategy.

Usually, it’s about connotation – the connections we make in our minds with words and phrases.

The word red describes a colour but in your mind it may be connected with a variety of things, like love, blood, food and plants.
If you described a market place vibrant or buzzing, you would have positive connotations. But if you described it as crammed or bursting, you would churn up a load of different meaning.
Choice of words can make all the difference.
People who call Tim are well-established business owners dealing with considerable personal and professional risk. The complexity of their challenges are endless:

One client called Tim after nearly three years battling a corporate entity over a huge pile of waste material dumped on his rural property.
On the client’s behalf, Tim presented the heart of the story to local media. The issue was quickly resolved beyond the scenes, with minimal fuss.

Another client of Tim’s, a co-op, whose sole aim of getting better building supplies pricing for small to medium residential builders and allied trades. More members gives the co-op more power to provide discounts through supplier rebates. It’s a classic type of trade co-op formula.

Tim has been tasked with providing media material and internal communications to new and existing members based on a set of objectives. Working with the management and directors, Tim puts forward a united front providing communications to the media, central government and members. These articles or stories are on track and consistent with the purpose of the co-op.

In primary industry Tim is providing print-ready content which can also be published in a soft or hardback publication for distribution to the client’s staff and stakeholders, including the people and firms featured in the project.

Whatever the size of the job, Tim works on the basis that every communication has a purpose. He has a unique ability to listen, craft compelling stories and deliver them to the right audience or contact in your business network to pull off your plan.

For some business owners, this sort of engagement feels risky, foreign. As a communications advisor, Tim can help you for as little or as much time as you need, offering the benefit of his experience, while ensuring that communications are clear, lively and delivered with integrity.

Tim’s speciality is rural business but he’s comfortable around politics, the building industry and retail.

Whatever the issue, he’ll tackle your communication chestnut and find a solution for you.


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